At Guarisco Gallery, we provide a level of expertise, commitment, and convenience to our clientele that cannot be found anywhere else. We pride ourselves on our curatorial research and art historical knowledge, our ability to find great works of art, excellent service to our clients and our knowledge of the business of art.

EXPERTISE. The educational experience of more than fifty years of family collecting coupled with over thirty years experience selling to the public, has led the Guarisco Gallery to develop scholarship, resources and analytical skill necessary to its chosen field.

RESEARCH. Before any work is offered to our clients, it is carefully researched, artist experts are consulted, and artwork is evaluated to ensure quality and authenticity. 

SELECTIVITY. Because of our extensive research, our policy is to offer only top quality works, those exemplary of the top 10% of an artist’s oeuvre.

OWNERSHIP – Unlike most galleries, Guarisco Gallery owns its vast inventory. This provides a high comfort level to our clients, since we vested monetary interest in our inventory. Additionally, it allows us to invest in extensive conservation (if necessary), museum quality framing and shipping. Finally, since Guarisco Gallery is financially healthy and able to own our inventory, agents are able to offer us the best works of art at the best prices. Allowing us to purchase them and sell them to clients at the most conservative prices.

GALLERY VS. AUCTION. Auction seems appealing until one realizes the hidden costs, the high potential for making mistakes and the lack of service. Many costs are incurred after the initial hammer price, including approximately 20% commission to the auction house, additional taxes and duties, shipping, insurance, conservation and framing. Additionally, when one sells the work back to the auction house, they do not recoup the expenses. Guarisco Gallery is full service and guarantees the work comes with all bells and whistles, and therefore no hidden costs with your art purchase.

COMMITMENT. Our service to our clients is ongoing. We offer continued support and evaluation regarding scholarship, market analysis and quality. As the size or focus of your collection grows and/or changes, Guarisco Gallery is available to offer insight and find appropriate works to maximize your enjoyment and investment.

CONVENIENCE. Guarisco Gallery provides its corporate and private clients with on site private viewings as all works are available on approval and delivered free of charge, expeditiously.     

APPRAISALS. Guarisco Gallery supplies clients with insurance replacement value appraisals with purchase. Appraisal reports for insurance, taxation, estate dispersal and charitable donation can also be provided by our qualified staff.

SUPPORT. Guarisco Gallery provides support to our clients on the buying side of acquiring art and the de-acquisitioning of art. Our clients may trade back their artwork for the price paid or may consign the artwork to Guarisco Gallery at any time. This is an exceptional value to our clients.

GUARANTEES. Guarisco Gallery offers peace of mind to our clients by guaranteeing them a quality full service experience before, during and after buying a wonderful piece of art.

Advantages of Private and Corporate Collecting

Whether you are a corporation or an individual, an experienced collector or a novice at collecting, there are many benefits to buying art and doing so through Guarisco Gallery!

Private Collecting

FINANCIAL INVESTMENT. The value of nineteenth century works have increased markedly in the last decade. The market for such work remains strong.

THE ACQUISITION OF KNOWLEDGE. Art frequently alludes to historical, social, religious, cultural and political events, which in turn, spawns discussion, debate and reflection.

AESTHETIC ENJOYMENT. Artwork is an asset providing visual pleasure throughout ownership.

THE CREATION OF FAMILY HEIRLOOMS. Works of art passed on from one generation to another grows in sentimental and inherent value, often to the point that its primary value is no longer monetary.

Corporate Collecting

VALUE APPRECIATION. Recent market evaluations have shown the solidity of fine art as an investment.

FAVORABLE CORPORATE IMAGE. A well-designed art collection can represent a corporate mission and reflect a corporation’s ideals, and often results in an enhanced public image.

CULTURAL RESPONISBILITY. A corporate art collection is a commitment to the community's cultural foundation. “We believe that responsible and involved corporate citizenship is fundamental in the lasting success of the company and the entire community.”

TAX ADVANTAGES. Strategies such as 'gifts of the future' to a museum or institution may allow a corporation to enjoy the collection and ultimately enrich the community with its eventual charitable donation.

Guarisco Gallery is always interested in purchasing fine and important 19th century and early 20th century paintings, watercolors, and sculptures.

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